Firewood Briquettes, Logs & Kindling - Norwich

Eco Friendly Wood Briquettes

Very popular in other Europen countries,  wood briquettes are becoming more widely used in the UK . They're good for open fireplaces or wood burning stove, are very economical and are environmentaly friendly.

Briquettes in 5kg bags
1 bag £3.00
2 bags £5.00

Why Wood Briquettes

  • An Eco Friendly recycled product.
  • Raw material from known sustainable source.
  • Made from clean, dry, untreated sawdust.
  • Our briquettes have no glue or additives.
  • Burn hotter and longer.
  • Low sulphur content, less ash.
  • Low moisture content, less soot.

FREE DELIVERY 10 Bags & Over up to 10 Miles

Mixed load of dry logs - firewood

Firewood Logs

Mixed soft and hardwood logs also available.

  • Tipper load approx 1.25 ton £180.00
  • Half load £95.00.
  • 1 ton builders bag approx 250kg £60 + £5 refundable bag deposit.
  • Hardwood net bags £4.50 ( Free delivery up to10 miles of orders for 10 or more bags.)
Bags of kindling wood

Bagged Kindling Wood

Kindling wood in two bag sizes.

  • Large net £3.50
  • Medium Bag £2.50.
Christmas Trees Available
Full load of mixed softwood and hardwood logs delivery Norwich

Firewood Delivery Norwich

Prices of mixed loads and builders bags of firwood logs include delivery within a 10 mile radius of our yard in Norwich. We will deliver to places outside this distance with a small charge added, please ask for details.

Nets of kindling and wood briquettes can be added to your delivery order.

Please place all orders by phone or in person at our yard.

The Norwich Briquette Co at Les Ball Fencing

Les Balls Fencing Services is a long established fencing and shed manufacturering business in Norwich. We have for many years also been a firewood merchant and are now offering a new line of firewood briquettes under the brand The Norwich Briquette Co.

To help our customers decide what type of fuel best suits their situation and to offer fires and woodburners for sale to our domestic and business clinets we have teamed up with Phoenix Fireplaces of Norwich. We now have a selection of burners on display at our yard and access to a wide selection and expertise at the Pheonix Fireplaces Shop.

Trade firewood terms are availible for business customers and high quantity users.

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